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Welcome to Plymouth Fishing Charter

Size Matters, a familiar sight in south west waters, is available for charter from Plymouth. This fishing vessel originates from Canada and is a regular visitor to the Channel islands and beyond.

Size Matters operates from a secure walk-on walk-off marina berth in the most accessible part of Plymouth's historic Barbican where long-stay car parking is close by. We sail out under the towering walls of the great Citadel built in the reign of Charles 11, the backdrop for over fifty years of charter angling at its finest level.

SIZE MATTERS and the Port of Plymouth offer you the opportunity for the angling experience of a lifetime.
photo of conger caught on Size Matters

Wrecks & Reefs

There are more than 100 wrecks and a number of great reefs within forty miles of the port . All yield specimen CONGER, LING, POLLACK, COD and occasionally BASS and COALFISH plus many other species.

In 2007, Britain's biggest conger of the year, an immense fish 0f 106 lbs and many more weighing over 70lbs came writhing over the Size Matters gunwales.

During the bigger tides fishing for BLUE SHARK can provide superb sport and currently a revival of this species in the English Channel gives an excellent chance of 100 lb plus class fish. The much bigger PORBEAGLE often haunts the deep-water wrecks and we are always prepared to do battle when the opportunity comes.

The famous Eddystone Rocks marked by the towering lighthouse and the stump of its forerunner that stands on Plymouth Hoe needs little introduction ...more

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