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30 Voices


My Story

I'm Gary, born and raised in Plymouth. My media broadcasting career began in 1978 when I joined Westward Television, based here in Plymouth. While my work in broadcasting is ongoing, I now run a family production company. 

In my experience, there is a degree of ageism within broadcasting, with younger individuals constantly coming into the field. Despite this, I try not to see any barriers and instead focus on finding the right opportunities where I can bring my unique experiences to the table.

Regarding Plymouth, I believe it's a wonderful place to be and people should take a closer look at where they live before dismissing it. I believe it's worth being here and let's work together to make it a better, more inclusive, and diverse place. It's important that we don't just take the natural beauty of our surroundings for granted, but strive to make the city successful in every way possible.

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