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My Story

Hi, I'm Sylvan, an integration officer for asylum seekers, and I want to share my experience of starting a new life in the UK. As an asylum seeker, I found it hard to adapt to the system, and many spend years at home waiting for the government to help them. But I believe that it's important to take action and start doing something, even if it's just a small step. By taking that first step, people can show their value to society and make connections that can bring them closer to their goals.

In my role, I encourage and motivate others to keep dreaming and realize what they want. I know that it's not easy to rely solely on help from charities or the government, and that's why I urge people to take courage and start somewhere. I use my own story to inspire others to take action and start making progress towards their dreams. It's important to show people how they can properly start a new life and keep dreaming, and I hope to continue doing that through my work.

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