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Join the Employer Hub of the Skills Launchpad Plymouth

Skills Launchpad Plymouth – the City’s one-stop-shop for skills, training, education, careers and jobs.

Skills Launchpad Plymouth supports those who are seeking work, facing redundancy or changing careers through the Adult Hub for those aged 25 years+, and offering targeted support for young people aged 16-24 years including those with additional needs through the Youth Hub.

Skills Launchpad Plymouth is also working with the Plymouth Charter on an Employer Hub. It is currently under development, but we want to talk to employers in Plymouth regarding inclusive employment and upskilling the current workforce.

If you are a Plymouth based employer, and would like to shape the way we support Plymouth businesses with regards to skills and employment, you can register your interest to be involved in our focus group.

If you would be interested in being involved and joining our focus group, or to discuss this further, please contact us at:


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