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Sector led action plans for recovery now live

All sectors across the city are working to overcome the challenges that have been, and continue to be, thrown at them by Coronavirus. There are no easy answers and the consequences on businesses across all areas of the economy are challenging and far-reaching.

Sector Action Plans

The city council has been working across all areas of the city’s economy and through a number of business representative organisations to bring sectors together for mutual support and identification of areas of opportunity as we continue to fight against this pandemic. No-one knows what the future truly holds, but we can work together and seek to support our key sectors across the city and hope to help them through the on-going and future challenges they face.

The launch today of a suite of Resurgam sector action plans should be seen as the city council supporting the various sectors and the sectors themselves working together to help shape their futures. By working together, we hope to support our economy to be stronger in the longer term.

These sector action plans are one way in which we will get through these challenging times and build a future where our economic sectors can prosper.

See the Sector Action Plans here, and click on each of the sector tiles to see the plan in full.


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