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Sustainable Business Models Webinar | 11 July 2022

Tuesday, 11 July, 10am - 11:15am, Virtual (MSTeams)

You are invited to attend our free webinar to discuss best practices on implementing sustainability within your organisation.

n order to implement true sustainability within businesses it is important that organisations move away from classic business models, which often focus solely on growth, to ensure that aspects of sustainability are considered throughout business operations.

There are a number of models that can be utilises which can be implemented at varying levels within a business. This webinar will focus on explaining a few of these alternative models, discussing how they can be implemented and why this is so important.

The model discussed will include Doughnut Economics, The Sustainable Development Goals, One Living Planet and B-Corp, with Charter signatories sharing their experience of the use of some of these models.

The agenda of the event will follow:

  • Introduction and discussion of why alternative models are so important

  • Sustainable Development Goals and how businesses can use them

  • One Planet Living and how best to implement this model in your business, led by Real Ideas Organisation

  • B-Corp and how best to approach achieving B-Corp status with Ward William Associates

If you have any further questions, please contact Beth Whittaker:

Important information

This event is part of the delivery programme for the Interreg-funded C-Care Project, in conjunction with the Resurgam Charter Environment Theme, supporting businesses in Plymouth to recover strongly from the recent economic crisis.

Signatories to the Resurgam Charter have committed to a fairer, greener future for Plymouth, benefiting from being part of an exclusive network which helps business growth and allows the sharing of best practice.

If you want to get involved with the Resurgam Charter, please contact

Please note that this meeting will be recorded if you do not wish to be included in the recording, please turn off your camera.


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