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Hi, my name is Andreea, and I'm a 35-year-old mother of two, currently studying for my master's degree in psychology. My dream job is to work in a clinical and research role, but it's a highly competitive field, and I've been unsuccessful in my job interviews so far.

I'm not giving up, but I'm taking a different approach now by looking for teaching assistant or administrative jobs in schools, ideally with flexible hours and located close to home. This is because I'm limited by my children's school schedules and transportation options, as I can only rely on public transport.

I've been at home with my children for a few years now, and while I haven't had a traditional work experience, I've gained valuable skills that are applicable in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employers overlook this experience, and someone who has been out of work for a few years is not seen as favorably as someone with ongoing work experience.

This is a challenge that many mothers face when returning to the workforce, but I believe that we are highly responsible, mature, and valuable additions to any team. I'm keeping my eyes open for opportunities and hope that my hard work and dedication will pay off in the future.

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