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30 Voices


My Story

Hi, I'm Claire, a dance artist and co-founder of a Comunity Interest Company, an inclusive dance theater company in Plymouth. I am also an officer for a project at the theatre. I believe that access benefits everyone and if we create a culture that supports disabled people first, it can create a ripple effect where everyone can thrive.

Although I may have faced barriers due to my hidden disability, I was not diagnosed at the time, so I may not have realized it. However, post-diagnosis, I made a conscious decision to only work with organizations that have policies around inclusion or diversity. I think disabled people spend a lot of time adapting and thinking creatively to overcome challenges, and bringing in people who think differently may offer an opportunity for everyone to innovate and create new and exciting things.

Unfortunately, I think there are many people with hidden disabilities who are already scared to put themselves out there, which is why it's so important to create inclusive spaces where people feel safe and supported.

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