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My Story

My name is Ifunany but everyone calls me Iffy and I work in finance. As a migrant worker, one of the biggest challenges I face at work is dealing with customers who are not used to non-English or non-British people. Sometimes, they pretend not to understand my accent or assume that I don't speak English even though I am sure that my accent is very clear. It can be frustrating when they ask me where I'm from before even discussing the reason for their visit.

Another challenge for migrant workers like me is finding employment with smaller companies that may not have experience sponsoring migrant workers. They may prefer to hire British natives or be reluctant to spend money on the process of getting a work visa.

I believe that it's not just about employers hiring a diverse workforce to tick a box. It's important that they go the extra mile to learn about their employees' cultures and backgrounds to create an inclusive workplace. This includes understanding their customs, languages, and values. It's essential to make everyone feel valued and accepted.

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