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My Story

Hi I'm Lisa, a mother of four children and a student of early childhood. I am worried about not having enough experience for the job that I want to go into. I volunteer and facilitate for Triple P, supporting families going through divorce and separation. However, I still feel like I need more experience and do not know what else to do. It's challenging to navigate a job around family, especially since we are a blended family and always in a million places at once. As an employer and former chair of a board, I like to support people with families by providing extra days off and mental health days when needed.

I believe employers should be more mindful of how families are navigating themselves to put people in the best position possible to be able to support others. I'm open to a diverse workforce and believe it's rich in many different ways, providing enriching experiences for children and adults alike. It should give us a better understanding of people and allow us to work together in new and creative ways.

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