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My Story

My name is Walid and I work as a refugee resettlement coordinator, as well as running a charity called Give Back Project. As a former asylum seeker myself, I understand the challenges of finding work in the UK without UK experience or a UK-sounding name.

It can be really difficult for those from different backgrounds to even get considered for certain jobs, as some employers may make assumptions based on their name or cultural background. As someone who was detained and tortured in Sudan for protesting against the government, I know firsthand the importance of giving refugees and asylum seekers a fair chance.

Many of the refugees and asylum seekers I've worked with are highly qualified and skilled, but may not have had the opportunity to gain UK-specific experience. I believe that employers should be more open-minded and at least interview them, giving them the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge. Even if they are not ultimately hired, it's important to give them a chance to introduce themselves and show what they can do.

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