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My Story

Hi, I'm Yulia, a 43-year-old woman from Ukraine. I arrived in the UK with my two sons at the end of May, and although it wasn't for a good reason, I feel happy to be in Plymouth because it's peaceful here. In Ukraine, I lost my husband in the war, and I had to start a new life for myself and my kids. I have a law degree and experience in my field, but I'm not able to use them yet because my English skills need improvement.

I want to be helpful to the British community in the healthcare sector, and I'm planning to volunteer in a hospital for administrative functions. Ukrainian people are brave and motivated, and I believe we can be flexible and useful for business and the community in the UK. I know that integrating into a new society can be challenging, and learning a new language is not easy, but I'm determined to improve my English and adapt to the cultural norms of my host country. I believe that with the support of the community, I can make a positive contribution to the UK economy and society.

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