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Get involved: A great opportunity to help shape Plymouth's future

The Plymouth Charter - 30 Voices

Great opportunity to help shape our future:

The Plymouth Charter is committed to developing a fairer, green future for Plymouth and as part of that we would really like to have your thoughts around inclusive recruitment in the city.

We are pulling together a diverse panel to demonstrate to an employer the benefits of have a workforce that represents people of all backgrounds.

We call this ‘Inclusive Growth,’ and we are keen to help Plymouth businesses grow by including everyone.

Inclusive Growth:

This means that everyone has to opportunity to work and to reach their full potential. A fully inclusive workforce should include people of all ages, all backgrounds, different ethnicity, different faiths, people with health needs or mental health needs, all genders, LBGTQ+, people who are neuro diverse or people who are carers.

Essentially everyone.

30 voices:

We want to demonstrate that a truly diverse and inclusive workforce includes people of all backgrounds, ages, health needs, ethnicity, LBGTQ+ etc.

Our vision is for 30 short video films to demonstrate, visually, what this looks like. Each individual will talk about what they offer to employers, this can include their background, their skills, their experience but may also cover what they need from an employer to work at their best e.g., flexible working, quiet space.

The aim is for the 30 voices to produce a powerful image of who could be employed if employers can be more open to who they employ. We are also supporting this with helpful fact toolkits for employer on how to recruit people in a more inclusive way and how to tailor their workplace to be more suitable to a wider range of people.

What we would like from you:

We are hoping to film the videos on the following dates:

Wednesday 18th January 10 am – 5pm OR Thursday 19th January 10 am - 5pm Location: The Box, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, PL4 8AX *Please note: You will not be required to attend the entire day; we anticipate there being 3 time slots throughout the day. This will be confirmed.

We will respect you and your story, we will only film and record content that you are comfortable with sharing. We will have a dedicated interviewer to help get the best from you, it should be fun.

We will ask you to sign a disclosure form so you are happy with where we will share the video content. Our priority is for it to be on The Charter website and potentially our social media channels, but we will be guided by you.

What you will have from us:

Lunch and a fun day/part of a day filming and meeting other people.

The chance to influence and encourage employers to be more open to recruiting people from all backgrounds.

We also work with several community groups and agencies if you would like some ongoing help or support with any employment.

NB: speak to us if you need help with accessibility or childcare on the day of filming.

Challenges in Plymouth:

Plymouth has a large marine and manufacturing employer base, these jobs are often full-time, shift work, or difficult to get to. Although they are well paid these jobs can be difficult for women to access if they have caring responsibilities.

Plymouth also has a large healthcare sector, these jobs can be more flexible and can suit women or carers, who need a more flexible work opportunities. Unfortunately, this can mean that carers take the roles that suit their caring responsibilities, and they may not reach higher wages or their full potential.

People from all backgrounds can struggle to get through traditional recruitment processes. Job opportunities can inadvertently exclude people who need more flexible working e.g., for caring responsibilities or for health needs.


Employers, of all sizes, are having difficulties in filling vacancies across a wide range of opportunities. Some of the larger employers have Human resources teams to help them try different methods of recruitment but many small or micro business do not, this can mean that people rely on traditional recruitment methods.

How we will use the videos:

The videos will form part of The Plymouth Charter, website and will be used to help employers with their recruitment plans.

If you would like to get involved, please contact


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