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Ian Swabey of Plymouth Preservation

Plymouth Preservation’s focus is to improve housing & living conditions in the city by tackling the misunderstood problem, of damp, woodworm and condensation, that is common in a lot of the older properties. We signed up to Plymouth Supplier Directory to reach out to local Plymouth businesses to make them aware of how incorrectly delivered property alterations can affect the performance of houses and their habitation.

Thanks to the Directory, we are now working alongside Plymouth Property Maintenance to rectify alterations previously made by a property development company, to a house where the damp course was bridged and the house has becoming unfit for habitation due to damp, mould and cellar fungus to the sub floor and internal walls. We both got together and utilised our skill sets to resolve these issues and are now working more closely to improving people's homes & living conditions. It was a result of using the Directory that we were able to pull two local companies knowledge and skills together to improve people's homes and also support each other's business. Both businesses are locally based and employ 16 people.


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