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Plymouth and Popcorn Film Screening | 23 June, 2022

Tuesday 23 June, 6pm

This screening event is sponsored by The C-Care Interreg project delivered through The Resurgam Charter, which looks to ensure that organisations recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in a sustainable way, supporting them to reduce their environmental impacts and create a greener economy. Find out more about the Community Benefit here.

Dir. Zed Nelson, UK, 2019, 95 mins. The Street, Zed Nelson’s powerful documentary, focuses on an east London street reeling from the advance of craft beer shops, art galleries and property developers. The launderette is gone, the carpet shop on its way out. Bemused locals mutter about “yuppies”. The baker’s closes after 150 years. A media company arrives, installing a bath full of rubber balls for staff to sit in and get their creative juices flowing.


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