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Progress being made on Spend 4 Plymouth

The team at Plymouth City Council and key stakeholders across the city are pushing forward to ensure the success of Resurgam’s Spend 4 Plymouth pillar, and significant progress has already been made.

Aerial view of Plymouth from the south of the city

An update was shared by Holly Golden, Head of Procurement at the Council at a recent Cabinet meeting, which can be viewed online.

One of the Council’s key aims for Spend 4 Plymouth was to increase spending with local suppliers by 10 per cent over the next two years. This is already well on the way to being achieved, with 60 per cent of Council spending in the first six months of the financial year going to local suppliers. This equates to 12 per cent above target and approximately £21 million more being spent locally than last year, with more than 1,200 unique suppliers – representing 56 per cent of the Council’s total unique supplier base.

The Council is now focusing on maintaining this spend, which would ultimately mean supporting 280 local jobs and generating an additional £8.2 million Gross Value Added (GVA) for 2020/1

Other steps being taken by the Council to ensure the success of Spend 4 Plymouth include:

  • Engaging the local business community: Hosted 15 engagement sessions with key local stakeholders and businesses including the Federation of Small Businesses, Chamber of Commerce, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network, University of Plymouth and Babcock, to help spread the initiative beyond the Council.

  • Giving construction sector visibility of capital projects pipeline: Held a Building Plymouth event in early September to give the industry visibility of upcoming construction projects. The next event is scheduled for December and it’s hoped that this will continue to take place on a quarterly basis.

  • Reviewing policies and procedures: Council policies are being reviewed and rewritten to ensure they are local supplier friendly and maximise social value. This includes the Council’s ‘procurement bible’ which has standardised, simplified and made procedures more flexible for both staff and suppliers.

  • Promoting the social value policy for the city: The Council has already obtained economic, community and environmental benefits from suppliers that are valued at £400,000.

  • Developing the Plymouth Supplier Directory: The concept for this online platform has been signed off, following a co-design process with both the private and public sectors, and it is now in the building stage.

Find out more about the Spend 4 Plymouth pillar here.


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