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Refreshed brand and visual identity of The Plymouth Charter

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand and visual identity. Over a year and a half since the Resurgam Charter launched, and after listening to our signatories, we have now evolved into the Plymouth Charter to highlight the fact that the Charter it’s a framework for the future.

Over the last few months, we worked with a focus group from our signatories and created a new image and name to accurately depict what the Charter is and what we stand for as a forward-thinking network of businesses and organisations who truly want to commit to a fairer, greener future for Plymouth.

The Plymouth Charter themes has been expanded to include Collaborate and Deliver, which now give us the acronym of SUCCEED, which are: Spend, Upskill, Community, Collaborate, Employ, Environment and Deliver.

Almost 250 businesses have now committed to a fairer, greener future for Plymouth with the aim to grow a prosperous economy that reduces inequality, is sustainable and truly serves the wellbeing of people in Plymouth.

We are always interested to hear about the developments your business is going through, and the work you have done around the five action areas of the Charter. If your business has any updates, blog posts, articles, industry relevant news, newsletters, etc. that you would like to share to our network, please email them through to

Lastly, as a Charter signatory, you remain on our mailing list where we share our upcoming events, webinars, workshops, as well as advice and opportunities. If you wish to confirm your business or organisation's point of contact for all communications from the Plymouth Charter, or would like to nominate a person that can action on your behalf, please confirm this by sending an email to


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