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The Plymouth Charter are the Gold Sponsor for the Plymouth Social Enterprise City Festival 2022

The Plymouth Charter were the Gold Sponsor for this year's Plymouth Social Enterprise Social Enterprise Festival.

Below are some of the events that the Plymouth Charter team attended.

Celebrating women in business networking event with Laura Horton - 16th Nov

Laura Horton spoke at this event about being bullied in work by a female boss and how this shaped her to want to be a positive role model for women in work and business.

She also spoke about how she was told she would have to move to London for opportunities as a PR and playwright. Having moved back to Plymouth she has plays showing in London and shortly in New York.

She works with Millfields Inspired to introduce writing to local year 5 pupils.

Check out the links for more information.

Plymouth Social Enterprise City Festival 2022 Opening and Networking Event - 16th Nov

This was the official launch of the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network festival. Due to the Plymouth Charter being a gold sponsor of the festival, Anna, Jane and Isobel attended in order to showcase why we were sponsoring the festival and to promote the Plymouth Charter and how it supports social enterprises.

Whilst there, we heard from a range of entrepreneurs in Plymouth about their experience within the wider political narrative that is creating the “Interesting Times” we currently live in. For example, we heard from Lucy Smith, a social entrepreneur and neuro-divergent advocate. She spoke about how the themes of current times: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity can instead be translated into vision, understanding, clarity and agility.

We were informed of the festival line up and the opportunities in the week for skill sharing, inspiring, learning and connecting.

Anna also did a presentation about the Plymouth Charter for the attendees there and joined in on a Q&A panel discussion.

It was an opportunity to network and meet members of social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Quiz Night - 16th Nov

Social Enterprise Day

The Plymouth Charter participated in the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network livestream. During the livestream, Anna was interviewed about the Plymouth Charter, how it supports social enterprises and why following the Charter’s pledges is integral for Plymouth businesses to grow inclusively. As well as explaining why the Plymouth Charter is sponsoring the festival and a general discussion about Plymouth and how it’s working climate and opportunities have changed over the years. The live stream was broadcasted online for attendees of the festival to watch and also posted on the Plymouth Charter’s LinkedIn.

State of Us 2 Conference

In the face of a growing storm of national and international crises, new ways of building powerful communities and economic democracy are emerging worldwide. Community enterprises and activists are creating alternative forms of power and new municipal models, building more democratic and regenerative local economies.

Based around a foundation of self-managing enterprises, questions were asked surrounding how can communities in places like Plymouth further foster social, environmental and economic resilience and how can we build greater collective agency, better distribute power and create a fairer economy?

Climate Fresk Workshop

Bryan attended the Climate Fresk workshop delivered by Climate Clarity CIC.

Its purpose is to trigger the memories of participants to the key messages of the workshop around the causes of climate change, and some generalised discussion of action. It also acts to explain a few topics in detail for those who have an appetite for knowledge.

In conclusion, we each play many different roles: we are individuals, family members, citizens, employees, managers, workers, sports-enthusiasts, nature-lovers, friends, and leaders.

Understanding this helps us see all the different spheres where we have influence, can have impact, and can show leadership.

Plymouth Energy Community: Inspring Change Together

Isobel attended this event in order to promote the Plymouth Charter and support the work of the Plymouth Energy Community (PEC). Here I was inspired by PEC’s community- centred approach to energy solutions; and how the coming together of the community is fundamental in getting through the energy and cost of living crisis. I learnt about their growing journey as a community organisation and in the city’s goal to reach net zero. This was majorly an opportunity to network with businesses and the PEC members and be inspired by the change happening in Plymouth.


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