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The Plymouth Charter
Action planning & contacts

Contact details of the panellists, exhibitors & champions to help you develop your plan from the Plymouth Charter Summit day. 

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Plymouth Charter invited signatories, and other employers in Plymouth to come together to provide answers and support around:

  • Health and wellbeing at work and what makes the biggest difference

  • Flexible jobs and how it can potentially grow your workforce

  • Real living wage and doing what seems like the impossible.

  • Net Zero & being green in the workplace

Topic ideas for the day were around:

  • Flexible working pressures

  • HR advice – managing tricky times

  • Mental Health support

  • Real Living Wages

  • Involving buyers and suppliers

  • Business energy and bills

  • Planning for green

  • Understanding resilience

  • Finding and retaining staff

There were 3 panel discussion on stage designed to make you think, and hopefully give you some fresh ideas, about how you do business and what you could do make your business, and the economy of Plymouth, fairer and more sustainable. Details and contacts of each panel are listed below. 

Download a copy of an Action Plan worksheet. 

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Panel 1 – The Real Power of Social Value

​Gareth Hart (Chair)

Iridescent Ideas CIC

Prof. Stephen Felmingham

Arts University Plymouth

Siobhan Robbie-James

Plymouth Argyle FC

Verity Meeson

Violence Against Women & Girls

Jabo Butera

Diversity Business Incubator

Friendship at work.png

Panel 2 – Experiences of implementation

Neil Cattle (Chair)


Brandon Hulcoop

Department of Work & Pensions

Adam Thomas

CityCare / City Security

Ruth Ladwig and Emma Courtier

Go SouthWest

How can we make Plymouth’s economy sustainable Blog Post.png

Panel 3 – Planning for Green

Stuart Elford (Chair)

Devon & Plymouth Chamber


Howard Goffin

University of Plymouth


Paul Montgomery

Sir Fix-a-lock


Tom Lavis

YMCA Plymouth


Kate Doodson



Lu Brook

Climate Connections

Climate Connections Plymouth

Plymouth Charter Summit 1
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