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Inclusive 2040 | 21 June, 2022

Tuesday 21 June, 12pm - 5pm

The Inclusive Growth Group of Plymouth Growth Board invite you to our Inclusive 2040 event.

The event will focus on and explore the implications of current and emerging pressures on the businesses of Plymouth in relation to inclusivity.

As a participant, you will contribute your knowledge and experience, but also the energy and commitment that you share for a “fairer, greener future for Plymouth”.

Data tells us what has been, not what the future could be. The event will explore the current and emerging pressures on the key sectors within our city and mechanisms to understand and address their implications for inclusivity.

This will be a hybrid event and you will be able to participate either in person or virtually.

The event will be hosted by Alexis Bowater OBE and the programme will include:

Key-note speaker, Stephen Evans, CEO of the Learning and Work Institute

  • To set the scene for Plymouth as part of the UK economy

Scenario planning with Matthew Finch from SAÏD Business School at University of Oxford

  • To help identify where radical approaches are needed and how to embrace them

Data and scenarios for an inclusive Plymouth from our research partner, Fiona Tuck from Metro Dynamics

  • To help understand scenarios that are particular to Plymouth and to our businesses and workers

Facilitated session to agree next steps with Dr. Tim Sydenham

  • Communication to the current and future workforce about future changes in jobs, employment and skills

We are able to run this event with funding from the Interreg programme through our C-Care project which finishes on 31 March 2023. So, this is a unique opportunity that will really help us shape the future of Plymouth. Please register on the waiting list for this event as we are working in ways on releasing further tickets.

A request: The intention and design of the conference is to understand the scenarios for the future for inclusive growth. We will need your dedicated attention and participation, not just to attend as an audience but to contribute as a participant. So, we respectfully ask that you come for the whole afternoon and during that time that you try to keep distractions as a minimum (but please bring your mobile phones as it will be used for our interactive sessions).


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